United Way of Greater McHenry County Board Statement on Equity-Diversity-Inclusion


United Way of Greater McHenry County Board believes that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to more equitably address the issues that face our community. We improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our communities and this is most effectively accomplished when we are inclusive. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are an active process that requires continuous commitment in order to promote healthy people, healthy communities and the overall success of present and future generations.

The Board enacts its commitment to promoting an equitable, diverse, and inclusive community by encouraging and valuing:

  1. Equitable Access to Community Resources: We are committed to supporting community agencies that provide equal access to resources and enable residents to thrive financially, educationally, socially, and emotionally.
  2. Inclusive Representation: We will actively build a Board and volunteer group whose members reflect the diverse cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences of our communities. We affirm the uniqueness of each individual and value individual ways of existing in the world. We are committed to understanding how personal, cultural, and historic aspects of identity contribute to and enrich our community.
  3. Intentional Exploration & Understanding: We challenge ourselves to examine our cultural viewpoints and assumptions, and to modify when appropriate. We are committed to better understanding the experiences of the residents of our communities from diverse backgrounds as well as to challenge our own practices.
  4. Meaningful Interaction and Dialogue: We challenge ourselves to interact meaningfully with the community and to learn from one another, honoring our differences while inviting dialogue. We encourage curiosity and inquiry so that we can learn from a diverse range of experiences and points of view.
  5. Service Orientation: We use the above practices to instill a consciousness of social justice, an ethic of citizenship, and a commitment to service. This includes reaching outside the Board and our supported agencies to establish beneficial relationships with individual and institutional partners who share mutual goals and interests.