Pillars Club for Leadership Givers

Members of our Pillars Club are individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to people in need in greater McHenry County through our local United Way. They are people like you – people who care about others in such a way that it compels them to go beyond what is expected of them. The United Way staff and volunteers would like to express their deepest appreciation to each of our Pillars Club members for their determination to create a better future for local people in need.


Not only does it feel terrific to give at a leadership level, but Pillars Club for Leadership Givers members also receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition as a United Way Pillars Leadership Giver on our website (unless you choose to have your gift remain anonymous)
  • An invitation to our new United Way Pillars Club Volunteer Project
  • Special invitations to exclusive events
  • Being the first to hear how our grant money will be allocated to our partner agencies
  • Early registration to participate in our Allocation Process in the spring
  • A personal investment report which illustrates how your gift impacts our community
  • Complimentary tickets to our Annual Campaign Kickoff
  • Networking opportunities with United Way leaders and other leadership donors

For questions or more information, please contact CEO & President Jamie Maravich at jmaravich@uwmchenry.org or (815) 363-1377.

Enroll In The Pillars Club For Leadership Givers Today

***We take every step to ensure accuracy of our growing Pillars Club List. Names are added once a company campaign is complete and donor information becomes available. If you see a discrepancy or prefer to remain anonymous, please contact us at info@uwmchenry.org. 




    Annual Gift of $10,000 and above

    Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Jackie Anderson

    Mr. Robert Berry

    Dr. & Mrs. Paul & Sharon DeHaan

    Mr. & Mrs. Dave & Tracy Overbeeke

    Mr. & Mrs. JD & Carole Peters

    Mr. & Mrs. John Streit



    Annual Gift of $5,000 to $9,999


    Mr. & Mrs. Randy Clausen

    Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Annamaria Finzel

    Dr. & Mrs. James Fuerholzer

    Mr. Roger Lehmann

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Judy Luecht

    Ms. Elinor McEwen

    Mr. & Mrs. James & Cheryl Wormley

    Mr. & Mrs. Ryan & Gwen Wormley






    Annual Gift of $2,500 to $4,999


    Ms. Deann Beausang

    Mr. Anthony Bianchin

    Ms. Marlene Boncosky

    Mr. Phillip Cutting

    Mr. David Czok

    Mr. Joe Foley

    Mr. & Mrs. Marc Frydrychowicz

    Ms. Carolyn Grieves

    Ms. Georgia Majors

    Ms. Christa Markgraff

    Mr. & Mrs. Christian Newkirk

    Dr. Mary Perkins

    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ripple

    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schug

    Mr. Samuel Wells

    Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Denise Yager


    Annual Gift of $1,000 to $2,499


    Dr. & Mrs. John Albanese

    Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Heather Arnold

    Mr. & Mrs. David Barber

    Mrs. Sherry Bennett

    Mr. George A. Berry

    Mr. Robert Boncosky

    Ms. Giorgette Boyerstarr

    Ms. Vanessa Candow-Lydic

    Ms. Anne Carter

    Mr. Robert Catini

    Mr. Christopher Chapman

    Dr. & Mrs. Edward Chess

    Mr. Karl Christiansen

    Mrs. Pat Costigan

    Mrs. Pam Cumpata

    Mr. Dave Davis

    Mr. Daniel Dechant

    Mr. Sterling Decker

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Lauren DeHaan

    Mr. Gerald Dwyer

    Mr. & Mrs. James T. Engelbrecht

    Dr. Dave Engelbrecht

    Mr. Juan Enriquez

    Mr. Kim Fischer

    Mr. Rick Francois

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Froehner

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Georgy

    Mr. Josh Gerry

    Mrs. Pamela Gish

    Mr. Deron Goodwin

    Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Debbie Gorecki

    Mr. Michael Hallisy

    Mr. Andy Hartlieb

    Mr. & Mrs. Timothy  Hennessey

    Mr. Doug Howe

    Mrs. Ann Hughes

    Mrs. Jennifer Johnson

    Mr. Michael Johnson

    Ms. Sara Joswiak

    Ms. Kim Keefe

    Mr. Frank Kelly

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy & Jody Kemp

    Mr. Cliff Kieser

    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald King

    Ms. Becky Kirchner

    Mr. John  Kretchmer

    Dr. and Mrs. Philip G. Lambruschi

    Ms. Barbara Lanphier

    Mr. & Mrs. Erv & Louise LeCoque

    Mr. James Little

    Mrs. Frances Lovelace

    Ms. Julie Maggiore

    Mr. Jeffrey Malek

    Mr. Tim Martin

    Mr. Brian Mattick

    Mrs. Carol McGuine

    Mr. Mark McNamer

    Mr. Raul Meza

    Mrs. Jane Miller

    Mr. Michael Modeer

    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Sheila Mohler

    Mr.  James Nelson

    Mrs. Mary O’Hagan

    Mr. Jeff Podlesak

    Ms. Judith M. Porter

    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Rooney

    Mr. Thomas Sheppard

    Mr. Eric Shrum

    Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Mandy Sosnowski

    Ms. Martha Stawiarski

    Ms. Joyce Stevenson

    Dr. Corey Tafoya

    Mr. & Mrs. Larry and Bev Thomas

    Ms. Elizabeth Wakeman

    Mr. Scott D. Weil

    Mr. Patrick White

    Mr. Justin Williams

    Mr. Mark Wozniak

    Mr. Richard Zydorowicz