Ninety-one percent of our donations come from local businesses. Every year we recognize companies and people who are doing extraordinary things for United Way of Greater McHenry County! This year at our annual dinner, we gave out awards to the those listed below for their dedication and support!


2018 Campaign Awards


volunteer-awardRebecca Rose | Paul Schipp Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is presented each year to an individual who exemplifies a high level of commitment and volunteerism. Our volunteer of the year is someone who embraces giving back to McHenry County. She has passion for helping people, understands the importance of building a culture of giving back within the organization where this person serves and also dedicated countless hours to preparing months in advance to ensure a successful UW campaign.  After the campaign season was over she regularly reached out asking how their company could be involved with our UW.  Through this effort this individual helped coordinate several Day of Caring projects providing meaningful ways for her team to engage in local volunteer opportunities, raise awareness for our UW and also cultivate a team who truly embraces Giving Back to McHenry County.


Brake Parts, Inc. | The Benchmark Award

This is a brand new category in our awards ceremony. The Benchmark award goes to companies who reach an outstanding level of success by raising $200,000 or more in contributions from both corporate and employees during their United Way Campaign. The words shared by author Jim Collins of Good to Great come to mind, “Greatness is not a matter of circumstance, greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” Last fall, CEO David Overbeeke was so inspired by the words shared by Frank Kelly of ITW at the campaign kickoff breakfast that he went back to his UW campaign committee and said we can do better. They didn’t just do better, they did GREAT! This company raised over $273,355.

milestone-campaignTC Industries, Inc.  |  Milestone Campaign Award

This award is given to companies who reach $50,000 in total contributions. United Way is proud to recognize TC Industries, Inc, a leader in this category for years, for raising $69,020! Marilyn Chacon and her team work hard each year to give back to the community and engage their employees to participate with United Way. We are so thankful to have her as a dedicated Employee Campaign Manager for this company and for her willingness to try new things to raise more money.

milestone-campaignBaxter & Woodman  |  Milestone Campaign Award

Another Milestone Award winner, Baxter & Woodman, has been a longtime supporter of United Way. They have been past recipients of our Corporate Leadership Award, and have had star volunteers work hard to raise funds for United Way.  We are so grateful that Baxter & Woodman reached $50,000 in employee contributions this year.


milestone-campaignITW | Milestone Campaign Award

The third Milestone Award goes to ITW – Illinois Tool Works, who has raised $68,400 this year! Each year this company exceeds our expectations and we are so thankful. Their employees choose to “give where they live” a motto of our United Way. Their products and solutions are at work all over the world and we are so happy they have chosen to work with us!


milestone-campaignCharter Dura-Bar | Milestone Campaign Award

Another Milestone award goes to a company we all know well! From a successful employee campaign, to bake sales and car washes, this company has joined the ranks of Milestone Award Winner this year. We are so proud of their effort to engage employees and take on special events to increase their impact and their giving. Congratulations to the team at Charter Dura-Bar for their amazing success of raising $54,000.


milestone-campaignComEd | Milestone Campaign Award

Our final Milestone winner is a company who is doing great things locally. This campaign team has an unparalleled passion for raising money for nonprofits and United Way is lucky to be one of those. This year they kicked off their campaign and solicited prizes and donations from local businesses to really raise the amount of funds generated this year and ending up giving $67,560 to United Way of Greater McHenry County.


innovative-awardPolyOne Corporation  |  UNITED Participation Award

The United Participation Award is presented to companies whose employees UNITE together as a team, in record numbers, to raise money for citizens of Greater McHenry County. The United Participation Award goes to the company who lead a month long campaign that engaged the team in daily activities focused on building a culture of giving. There carnival theme provided fun activities like a bags tournament and a pie throwing contest top name a few. There engaging campaign inspired their staff to reach a 98% employee participation and an increase of $6K for this year’s UW. There total campaign raised just over $18,782. And the award goes to…PolyOne Corporation. Congratulations to Walter Ripple and his amazing team at PolyOne Corporation.


Follett School Solutions  |  The Breakthrough Campaign Award

    • This award is presented to companies who are new to the annual campaign and experienced a successful first year introduction OR existing companies who have significantly elevated their participation through a “re-introduction”. This team raised over $28K through special fundraisers, a rejuvenated campaign and generous corporate match. They hosted multiple fundraisers from bake sales, to selling shamrock shakes, to engaging their workforce in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Day of Caring project helping find 5 new applicants to serve as Big Brothers and Big Sisters. It was one of their leaders who inspired us by asking if we would host a 5K and later caused us to invite 10 teams of 10 to support our UW at the Human Race.

landmark-awardKemper Valve & Fittings Corp. | The Breakthrough Campaign Award

  • The next Breakthrough Campaign Award goes to a team who launched their brand new campaign last August and raised over $24K with 50% of that campaign directly impacting our McHenry County. This team did a special fundraiser and invited us to speak to their employees at three shift meetings. And the award goes to…Kemper Valve & Fittings Corp.


landmark-awardHarvard Community Unit School District 50 | The Breakthrough Campaign Award

  • The final breakthrough award is presented to an organization that has a strong leader who truly stepped up to ensure a successful campaign. This leader personally attended the UW meetings hosted at each of his facilities this fall setting a lofty goal of 50% participation. He rallied his team together this spring and brought a team of 50 to the McHenry County Human Race, which helped raise awareness for many non-profits and elevate the UW within his organization.   As a first year campaign this organization raised over $5,500 dollars to impact our campaign. Congratulations to D50 and Dr. Corey Tafoya, Superintendent and UW Board Member on this accomplishment.

landmark-awardCorporate Disk Company | Innovative Campaign Award

The innovative campaign award is presented to companies who are boosting employee participation by using their creativity and introducing special events that raise awareness and additional funds for our organization. This award winner has gone above and beyond with innovative fundraising efforts that not only engaged their entire workforce, but also the community. They set a goal to increase their employee campaign participation by 50%. This company hosted their second United We Rock concert, ran monthly raffles in their lobby to engage their workforce and visitors. This spring they gave $2,500 in prizes to host a raffle to help increase our campaign results. Lastly, this company of superheroes had a team support our UW in the Human Race.

landmark-awardWoodstock Community Unit School District 200 | The Blackboard Award

This award is presented to a school district in McHenry County who has the highest average donation per employee from their United Way campaign. This school raised over $15K with an average donation per employee of $180. Congratulations to Teresa Daley and the amazing D200 team on receiving the Blackboard Award. A special thank you to Teresa Daley for all her years of service in D200 she has just retired.  We are grateful to her for serving our UW all these years.

landmark-awardJoe Foley Community First Award

This award goes to an individual who is focused on community first, company second and self-third. He is very engaged in the community, supporting many local non-profits and always looking for ways to invite the community to serve with him.  He has a genuine passion for helping others and truly embraces giving back to McHenry County.   

landmark-awardFrank Kelly | Influential Leader Award

This award goes to an individual focused on influencing others to inspire change, take action and develop a culture of giving back. This award recipient was instrumental in inspiring many throughout the year and helped infuse excitement amongst the leaders in our county. His speech at the campaign kickoff breakfast last September caused others to pause and consider how they could help influence changed, inspire their teams to give more and created a ripple effect to increase the campaign.

landmark-awardDavid Overbeeke Trailblazer Award

This new award was developed specifically to honor someone who has truly stepped up within our county and helped raise the awareness of our UW at a whole new level. This individual has given encouragement, support and inspiration to our team.  This person is truly blazing the way for our United Way and helping others see how important leaderships influence is on the organizations where each of you serve. His words, “We can do better!”  Caused his own leadership team to step up, push forward and blaze a trail of raising more than $273,000 and increase of over $100K from last year’s campaign.  This individual has helped lead this campaign through his own generosity, his company’s generosity, and inspiring his team to follow in his footsteps.