Northwest Herald’s Our View: Give Support to United Way

As Published in the Northwest Herald on October 2, 2016 The United Way of Greater McHenry County recently kicked off its fundraising hoping to raise about $150,000 more than the little more than $1 million the agency collected last year. It’s an aggressive goal, and we wish them much success. We’d also urge McHenry County … Continued

United Way message of the day: Be Generous

Do you ever get the feeling you are in the right place at the right time or that something was just meant to be? Lately, I find myself truly believing that the answer will come to me as long as I listen and wait for it, whether I’m in a happy place, those hard, questionable … Continued

United Way’s Arnold excited to serve the community

I remember where I was when I decided it was time to make a career change. I was sitting on the beach in February in one of those lounge chairs that sink into the sand, leaving those red band marks on your legs. My husband was beside me, sharing in my pure relaxation and happiness. … Continued

211 Center Offers 24/7 Support to McHenry County Residents Who Need Help

You’ve lost your job, your unemployment benefits are running out, and you’re worried about paying the mortgage. You are a family of five and you don’t know what to do. Who do you call for help? Or, your teenage son hasn’t been acting himself lately. He’s erratic, sleeping later than ever before, and you’re worried … Continued